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We are underway with a brand new year and I’d like to propose something different in the season in lieu of the resolution. Yes, I’m stepping into the ring with the big powerful R. Why tangle with the power of the New Years Resolution?  The “dig your heels in and resolve to achieve, to improve to make better? The momentum of “this is the year I will do X, Y and Z and lose 10 lbs?”  I do love the energy sparked from hanging up my new calendar with pretty pictures of NJ scenery and the promise that comes with a clean slate. But…how many of those resolutions get recycled from last year?   
Why not look at the New Year the way Michelangelo looked at that big old slab of solid marble and saw David underneath? According to Michelangelo, “David was always in there he just needed me to bring him out.”  What’s this got to do with losing 10 lbs by Feb15th you ask?  Look underneath all the accumulated walls which have been built by you, and let go of what weighs you down.  Observe yourself in the act of diving into your own reflex reaction to stress. See what you don’t like and chip away slowly, with intention and patience and by next year, you’ll be recycling your paper, glass & plastic bottles, not your resolutions.

Happy Sculpting.





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