Skinny Jeans.

 To get started on the right foot, be in your right mind

 Here is a great little exercise to play along with to help bring to the surface reasons that may keep you from being your best.

While you’re sitting in your chair right now take a look at your surroundings- do you like what you see?   Do you feel peaceful, are you happy, are you comfortable in the space around you? Or do you see disarray, clutter or disorganization? Our subconscious mind is always at work and we can see literally the sum of our thoughts just by the simple act of observing our home environment.  “You are what you think” is just as true as “you are what you eat” when it comes to being your best.   It’s sort of like the UPS man dropping off a package at your door.  When the bell rings, you open the package and -

A) You are happy to discover your merchandise has arrived as you wished.

B) What is before you is not at all what you wanted.

 What is in front of you is exactly what you ordered regardless of whether you remember placing the order in the first place, not related to whether the order was a mistake, filled improperly by the seller.  If you are disappointed, or confused by the package before you there lies an opportunity to pay closer attention to your subconscious order placement.  What if we chose to see the “unwanted” package as a means to open our eyes to a new way of thinking- how often are we getting what we don’t want during the day?  Unwanted circumstances, difficult people, illness have a way of shaking us, sometimes to our very core commanding our attention in such a way that we are forced to look closer, and ultimately become stronger.

Experiences, whether “good” or “bad” show up because we are ready for them, we are ready to move beyond the grip of the fear. (Or perhaps not if repeat situations keep popping up over and over again.) Choose a different ending or find a different resolution the next time.  That’s why it’s here for us. Einstein had something to say about doing things the same way and expecting different results…insanity. Either we are ready to take an active part in creating joy, peace, contentment, health or we are ready to address something that may have kept us from experiencing these things in the past. Whatever shows up is not a coincidence. It is here for us, created by us, to teach us to strengthen us. By taking inventory of our physical surroundings we check in with whether or not we are in sync with what we “think” we are thinking!  This exercise is a great barometer to bring conscious attention to the thoughts we think at every moment (or at least when we can remember) to pay attention. So to clear the decks to achievement we first must be able to recognize what energy (in the form of thoughts or words or fears) we are sending out to the ethers.  To illustrate this more clearly lets take fear for example since it’s a biggy for many of us. “I’m not good enough,smart enough,I don’t, I can’t, I hate, I’m not, etc.” These are big fear themes. They all represent a heavy energy of lack.  We send this heavy energy out every time we utter the words or feel any or all of these thoughts.  And guess who will show up at your door? Ding Dong it’s the UPS man dropping off a package of scenarios to make us feel not good enough, not smart enough, that we don’t matter and so on and on.  Just what was ordered.  Do you see how it works? 

 Think for a moment about the power of that statement.  How can you use this to influence your everyday choices? It requires practice as does learning any other skill. This is the missing link, the magic formula which is missing from most diet and exercise plans.  This is the underlying cause for “success” or “failure.” It’s certainly not will power.  We always begin any endeavor with a desire to change something about ourselves or circumstance. When our expectations are not met, we feel bad, or blame and then abandon our goals only to begin again on New Year’s Day.  When we blame we give our power away and become victims by default.  Perhaps that’s because we don’t give credence to these mighty game changers called thought forms. We are complex, intelligent beings who know subconsciously, consciously, intuitively that there is more to the story than simply eat right and exercise.  We hold the power of choice. If we peek behind the scenes just enough to connect the dots we can discover why we choose what we choose and then choose more carefully. When we can see not only the humor but the lessons which we set up for ourselves a new perspective is born and it’s all part of a much bigger picture.  We are not a victim of circumstance but the creative director of our lives.  Write yourself happy, content, joyful life experience and hey, why not order up being in a super hot pair of skinny jeans? It’s truly up to you.

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